The Principal's Office is the first episode of the first season of Little Lunch.

Synopsis Edit

When Rory is sent to the principal’s office, the other kids feel surprisingly sorry for him.

Plot Edit

Rory is sent to "Rory's Spot" in the principal's office after biting Melanie on the hand. Rory doesn't mean to be naughty, he just has impulse control issues. Rory's worst behavioural issue is that he bites, people! Rory is not allowed out for little lunch and is bored being stuck inside the principal's office. Meanwhile, Melanie was in the sick bay to put cream and a bandage on her hand and now she's feeling really sick (because the sick bay always smells like old vomit). The other kids (even Melanie) feel sorry for Rory sitting in Rory's Spot at little lunch and decide to keep him entertained all through the little lunch. They all start writing messages, drawing pictures and writing jokes etc. They even through snacks for him because they knew he would be hungry. Even Melanie was there and she threw him her bagel even after he bit her "juicy little fingers", but unfortunately it didn't last. After lunch they all went back to class and Rory was all alone in the principal's office again. It was fun while it lasted.

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