Tamara is a very athletic character on Little Lunch. She wants to be a world champion athlete when she grows up and loves to show it off. Tamara sometimes doesn't take in other people’s feelings and can be very stubborn and mean. Although that she is a very good friend to have and encourages her friends to go outside their comfort zones in sporting events. Tamara likes to take part in activities and competitions. She is very competitive in ANY game that she can win. Tamara is generally smart and her best subjects are spelling and sport, she has a good friendship with grade 6 girls (one year above her friends) she plays kiss chasey with Battie when she had a crush on him. Everyone considers Tamara the best at athletic stuff. But everyone knows Debra-Jo is a perfectionist and is the best at mental operations, which often made Tamara mad.

Appearance Edit

Tamara usually wears a red polo shirt, culottes and sneakers but is seen in some episodes wearing the school dress with/without tights and black school shoes. Her most common hairstyle is a simple high ponytail but in some episodes is seen wearing braids or variations of a ponytail. Tamara is blonde and light skinned. Tamara never wears a hat.


Melanie, Debra-jo, Atticucs and Rory

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