The Principal’s Office Edit

Rory was sent to the principal’s office after biting Melanie on the hand, and had to sit in ’Rory’s Spot’. The principal had to go to a meeting that day, so Rory was left by himself in the office. Atticus, Battie, Debra-Jo, Melanie and Tamara felt sorry for him, so they decided to throw food and messages on paper through the window of the principal’s office so that he won’t feel lonely.


Rory has blond hair and blue eyes. He is usually seen wearing a red school vest with the school logo on it, along with a red school shirt and black shorts.

Personality Edit

Rory is by far the weirdest. His favorite hobbies include biting, being annoying and being extremely naughty. Rory has a spot in the principal's office labelled "Rory's Spot" because he ends up in there after getting in trouble very often, although he doesn't mean to. Other times he really comes through and ends up helping his friends and Mrs. Gonsha. Despite all that, he is very kind, and truly cares about others. Just because he gets in trouble, he doesn't want others to miss out.


  • His favourite sandwich is the ham and honey sandwich.
  • He went to the girls’ toilet because they had soap that smelled like peppermint chewy.