Melanie Woo is a character in Little Lunch.

Appearance Edit

Melanie has straight black hair and dark brown eyes. She is skinny, and has bony knees (the latter according to Atticus). (The Milk Bar)

Grooming and hair Edit

Melanie wears her hair away from her face in almost every episode. Her hair is parted down the middle.

Clothing Edit

She usually wears the school’s red polo shirt and black culottes, and also wears the school dress with black cutoff leggings underneath. She wears sneakers or black school shoes.

Personality Edit

Melanie is the nicest and most self-conscious of the show. She can be very stubborn and likes to stand by her opinion - but will eventually come around. Melanie is very perky but she uses sarcasm a lot. She is a nice person and carries her beloved hankie around everywhere with her- showing that she has a soft, shy side. Melanie is a caring friend to all her class and can make someone feel very relaxed. She is kind to nature and her friends when in need. She stands up for what she believes in and doesn't just go along with the crowd. She is kind and intelligent but shy.

Relationships Edit

Tamara Edit

Tamara and Melanie a great friends. She says that she, herself isn’t good on the monkey bars, because Tamara keeps hogging them, so she never gets any practise. (The Monkey Bars)

Debra-Jo Edit

Melanie is good friends with Debra-Jo, even though they worked against each other in The Old Climbing Tree, when Debra-Jo wants to chop down the tree because of her constant annoyance with the tree’s roots which causes her to trip over them.


  • She loves unicorns, rainbows and puppies.
  • In the book series, her surname was “Applebum” and Debra Jo's was ”Woo”.
  • She wants to be a vet. (Mentioned in The Dress Up Day)
  • She has a dog named Rudy.