Flynn Curry was an Australian actor who portrayed Rory in children’s Australian mockumentary series Little Lunch. 


Before Little Lunch Edit

Flynn has several credits behind him for one so young. He portrayed a young Jimmy in 2010, in television series, Offspring. In 2011, he appeared in The Cup. In 2014, he appeared in the short Go Fish (Dir: Kristin Sargent), which saw him nominated for Best Young Actor at the Long Beach International Film Festival.

Little Lunch Edit

Around 2013, Curry was cast as Rory in Little Lunch, and started filming in 2014. He made his first appearance as Rory, when the series premiered on 20 July 2015, on channel ABCME. He appeared as Rory for the rest of the series, including a Halloween and Christmas special.

After Little Lunch Edit

Flynn is very popular on the voice over circuit and has appeared in several television commercials and voiced a number of audiobooks