Elsa is a character in Little Lunch.

Biography Edit

The Pavlova Edit

Elsa is seen with her twin brother Max, sitting amongst the rest of the 5G students to celebrate their birthday. Mrs Gonsha brings out her homemade pavlova, which she makes for everyone’s birthdays. No one can tell which one is Max and which one is Elsa. While Mrs Gonsha takes Tamara to the Sick Bay after she burns her finger on the sparklers on the pavlova, the other students try to talk to the birthday twins, after Mrs Gonsha encourages them to do so. The twins stay quiet and wipe their noses, while the other students think of a question to ask them. Atticus asks them if they’ve seen the movie Twins, to which they reply to by shaking their heads. Battie wants to ask Max a question, but because he doesn’t know which one is Max, he doesn’t know which twin to look at. So he looks up at the sky and asks “Max, which football team do you go for?” but both of the twins simultaneously reply “Tigers”. Then, Rory makes a joke about Battie’s cousin Barry being allergic to eggs, which results in him unintentionally slapping the pavlova from laughter. Rory decides to taste a bit of it, and finds it disgusting, prompting the other students to taste it. Everyone agrees that Mrs Gonsha makes the most disgusting pavlovas in the world, and raises their hands in agreement. Then, they notice that Mrs Gonsha and Tamara are on their way back, and the pavlova is a mess! So they decide to hide parts of the pavlova anywhere they could. Max and Elsa hide some in their pockets.


Elsa is an odd person and never talks to anyone, except for he twin brother, Max. She, along with Max are very quiet, and she has only been heard speaking once, when they were asked who was older, to which Elsa replied “Max came out first”.


  • Elsa supports the tigers football team.
  • Elsa uses the boy's toilets despite being a girl.
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