Debra-Jo is one of the six main characters in the children’s Australian mockumentary television series Little Lunch.

Biography Edit

The Principal’s Office Edit

Debra-Jo, Atticus, Tamara, Melanie and Battie felt sorry for Rory because he was alone in the principal’s office after biting Melanie’s hand. Debra-jo, along with everyone else, decide to throw messages and food through the window to keep him company, despite disagreeing to do so earlier.

Appearance Edit

Debra-Jo has walnut brown hair and brown eyes. She has fair skin. 

Hair and Grooming Edit

Debra-Jo usually ties her hair into two pigtails, a ponytail, or braids it. It is parted to the left.

Clothing & Accessories Edit

Debra-Jo wears glasses with red frames, and can barely see clearly without them. She wears the school dress and a white or red cardigan over it, and is rarely seen wearing the school polo shirt or black shorts or culottes. She wears her SRC and Bathroom Monitor badge on each of her collars. Her red school legionnaire hat is covered with round badges, as of the episode The Election, after she got a badge-maker for her birthday.

Personality Edit

Debra-Jo is witty and intelligent. She was described as “the smartest student in Grade 5”, but is also described as ”the slowest runner in Grade 5” and doesn't enjoy physical activities. Debra-Jo is sarcastic and always likes to be right. She really enjoys school and encourages other students to learn more - much to some students’ dismay. Although she can be annoying sometimes with her cleverness and will to talk to Mrs Gonsha as much as possible, Debra-Jo is a great friend who sticks up for them and helps them in sticky situations. She is also very responsible and likes to take on different student roles.

Relationships Edit

Rory Edit

Debra-Jo and Rory are polar opposites. Debra-Jo becomes jealous because a sixth grade girl asked Rory out, but later in the episode, Rory asks the girls if they could help him experience a girl kissing him, so Debra-Jo volunteers, surprising everyone. (The Relationship)

Tamara Edit

Tamara and Debra-Jo are good friends, but sometimes they can have disagreements, such as when they both intended on entering the school talent show, singing Boom Boom Pop Pop. (The Girls’ Toilets)

Melanie Edit

Melanie is one of Debra-Jo’s friends, who gets caught in the middle of fights. (The Girls’ Toilets and The Cake Stall)

Atticus Edit

Atticus and Debra-Jo are friends. He was Debra-Jo’s campaign manager when she was running for Prime MInister. (The Election)

Battie Edit

Battie and Debra-Jo are friends. When Battie dresses up and pretends to be like Stretcho, Debra-Jo gets annoyed when his role-playing interrupts her activities. (The Dress Up Day)